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blue dome art festival

Blue Dome Arts Festival

Jeff MitchellComment

Forgive the dead air as we're finishing preparation for this week's Blue Dome Arts Festival in Tulsa, OK. We're debuting new art and new products, and the weather forecast is solid so far!

We're excited to have a booth in front of Boomtown Tees again this year. We'll be located between 1st and 2nd streets on Elgin Ave.

Friday: 11AM - 10PM

Saturday: 11AM - 10PM

Sunday: 11AM - 5PM

On Festivals and Intense Humidity

Jeff MitchellComment
blue dome art festival

We kicked of our festival tour with the Blue Dome Art Festival in May, then followed it up with the inaugural Historic Kendall Whittier Art Festival in June.

Preparing for festival season each year has basically expanded to absorb all of April. It's always stressful, but I do like having the extended break from creating art to recharge.

So... time to start making again.