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Jeff MitchellComment

The local mall in the middle of a week day is a strange and wonderful place. There are shops that I swear don't exist on the weekends, when the parking lots are full and kids are being outfitted for the first week of school. At some point on Monday morning the mall concourse turns into a back alley where men who wear sunglasses indoors appear to fill the empty locations with imports from their trunks and vans.

One such enterprise is the literally-named "Gifts", which sells an assortment of items one might buy a distant nephew who visits for the holidays. Hanging out in a corner near the decorative knives and bobble-arm (?) waving kittens is a tribute to 90s pop-culture so lost on the target audience for this store that they surely think these are poorly paid models and the frame is a suitable wedding gift. In this magical place, if you focus hard and squint your eyes, you almost believe that Courtney Cox is copping a feel on Lisa Kudrow and Joey is just a floating ghost head.

There is no point to any of this other than to remind you to shop local, even if it's not really local.