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Free Mini Prints With August Orders

Jeff Mitchell1 Comment

I have some extra mini prints (5"x7") I ordered earlier this year just burning a hole in my pocket. They are mostly movie and TV prints and include some of the most popular art pieces I have.

I'm giving them away with orders until I run out.

These guys are signed and dated on the back. I'll give out one randomly selected mini print for every larger print ordered. I'll make sure every order gets free mini prints for the rest of August.

Did you say you're on mescaline?

Jeff MitchellComment

We created a little game to play online with people we know (and a lot that we don't). Here's how it works:

1. If you buy something from us or win a contest (or we have any other reason to send you a package), we'll include a miniature paper cut out. Just let us know if advance that you want to play.

2. Carry your mini guy around until the time is right, then snap a photo.

3. Post your creation to social media and tag us.

4. Send your mini cut out to the next lucky soul. Rinse. Repeat.