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The Wave of the Future, Dude

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While I work to build up enough inventory to carry my wood block print collection on my site, they're still available way over in the Etsy shop. When the weather cools off a little, I'll produce a few runs and figure out where to add them in my shop.

Inventory fades in and out as I have time to make more (did I mention they're hand-made?), so if you see one and want one, grab it! Of course, you can always contact me to pre-order one for no additional fee (other than a little patience).

The Fly Ate My Homework

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"This fly is a major problem for us. It will ruin our batch..." -Walter White

I knew there was a fly in the studio. I knew the epoxy attracted flies. I'm going to hang this monument on the wall as a reminder.

And start shopping for a screen door...

Trials and Wood Block Prints

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I've been constantly refining the process I use to make these wood block prints over the past year. These are a hit at festivals, often out selling paper prints.

The process I'm using now consists of about five separate steps, and a batch takes nearly a week, but each run looks better than the last.

I'm dedicating some time each week this summer to build inventory to add to our shop. I'll try to capture some quality product photos along the way that authentically translate the thick coat of supergloss resin that coats the art.

I accept custom orders for these throughout the year. Use the contact form to request a piece of art to be bumped up in production.